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Services We Provide

Botanical Medicine:  The use of standardized plant extracts are
used to treat many conditions.  These extracts are without side
effects and can safely be used even in children.  

Homeopathy:  This is a specialized form of medicine using very
small doses of a natural substance to treat a condition, using the
basic homeopathic principle that "like cures like", the symptoms
of the patient are closely matched to the remedy, and so reaching
the primary cause of the illness.

Acupuncture:  Used form many symptoms successfully, including
muscle and joint pain, arthritis, sciatica, liver and kidney support,
insomnia, sinus, headache, anxiety, and more.

Physical Medicine:  Electromagnetic field therapy is used to treat
many of the conditions above, but is needle-less.  Also good for
chemical detox, improves circulation, removes excess fluid, and
digestive complaints.  Physiotherapy as needed, massage,
muscle energy technique ( a form of isometric stretching of
muscle groups to alleviate pain), and  hydrotherapy.

Clinical Nutrition:  The use of labs to assess general health and
diet to assess proper nutrition.  Proper diet evaluation for
conditions presented. Lifestyle counseling for healthy habits.

Counseling:  Done for anxiety, stress, stop smoking protocol,
fertility awareness.
Labs done include:
Allergy testing both food and    
Adrenal stress tests.
Hormone testing , men and       
Digestive function.
Cardiovascular specialty.